Camp Pennyroyal 2022

Updated May 10, 2022

This reservation system is available to members of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. Troops from other Girl Scout Councils or non-Girl Scout affiliated individuals must contact the Properties Registrar at 502-716-7235 to discuss availability.


The following buildings and sites are available for Troop Overnights and Troop Day use year-round

  • Helen's Haven and Beckley Lodge
  • Happening House
  • The Loft Cabin
  • Primitive camping

    The Following locations are available for Troop overnights and day use to rent after April 15, 2022

  • Acorn Valley Cabins
  • Timberwood Cabins
  • Shady Lane Tent Unit
  • Sleepy Hollow Tent Unit
  • Elderview Primitive Unit (There are no platform tents at this site)

The following locations are available for Household Overnights year-round

  • Happening House
  • The Loft Cabin
  • Primitive Camping


For more information on each of these activities click on the link below:

Reservations may be made up to 7 days before your event. 


 How to Read the calendar


  • The red stripes mean the date is completely blocked for the type of reservation you are seeking.
  • The blue stripes mean you can leave on that day but cannot arrive on that day.
  • Dates with no stripes in them are available for rental.


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